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    Leo Carrillo State Beach (09/18/14)

    Last week, I went back to Leo Carrillo. Only this time my parents and my sister’s younger dog Benny tagged along. My younger sister was suppose to join us but work held her back. We thought we were gonna hang out at the same spot we were at last time, only to see the tides took over.

    Since that blocked our path, we had to find another spot. After we did, Dave and Juan were playing with Benny

    Benny was having some fun.

    Aside that, they kept check to be sure he wasn’t eating the sand.

    Also, I wasn’t the only photographer! My dad’s been playing with a neighbor’s camera. He’s having fun with that, too.

    My sister sitting back and watching the boys have fun.

    Mom trying to go for a swim, but man, that water is cold. Still, she seemed to enjoy it.

    Even Dave tried giving a shot of going for a swim.


    Oh ok, I see why he was running! The waves were being tough that day. And cold. Still, it was nice enough to dip your feet in. Or legs. Whatever works.

    i like to call these guys “disturbing visitors”. the last one looks like he’s got an evil plan up his sleeve. 

    #insects #bugs #creepy crawlies #macro

    Took a photo of a my dad photographing…a driveway. And he didn’t noticed! 

    And he didn’t noticed this one, too! I showed him anyway! Happy birthday Dad!

    A homeowner in Pennsylvania says she and her husband are living in the midst of a violent haunting and invited Fox43 for a tour. The crew says they were not prepared for what happened.

    (Source: Yahoo!)

    The Birds of Leo Carrillo State Beach. 

    Leo Carrillo (07/24/2014)

    Kind of sounds like a person’s name. Instead, it’s one of California’s state beach. 


    It had been a long time since I had gone out to swim…I think it’s safe to say it had been three years since I last went for a swim…several since swimming at the beach. Ohhhh man, Leo Carrillo. I can’t wait to go back.


    I went there last Thursday with my babe, my sister and her husband. Oh and I had to bring my camera. It was a must. It had been a while since I had gone to a nice place to take pictures as well. Anyway, it felt nice to be there in the morning. What am I saying? I wish I stayed there all day. We were there from morning to noon. Past noon I believe. I spent some time photographing with Juan by my side while Espree and Dave went climbing on a big rock.


    After that, Juan and I walked far enough and away from the seaweeds. There were a bunch of those by the big rocks. I don’t miss those! We kept watching the waves come and go…they seemed pretty intimidating. Still, it didn’t stop us from trying to go for a swim…ok, it stopped me for a while. For some reason I had difficulty trying to breathe after a few big waves had hit us. And also when it didn’t. Fearing I might begin to wheeze, we got out for a while. 


    We ate our lunch, then Espree, Juan and I headed back to the waves. This time I was able to stay in longer…and it was fun. It felt so nice to be in the water again. A while later, Dave joins us, but was too cold to stay in for long. Then later, we got out. I went back to snapping shots, Dave decided to cover himself up with sand, Espree and Juan decided to turn him into a sphinx!


    Then Juan wanted to become a mermaid…


    He even tried to give himself jugs.


    I didn’t think they were going to try to do something creative with the sand. I wonder what will they come up with next time. Also, I wonder how’s Benny gonna react to the beach. I believe last week, Espree and Dave went there with Lorenzo…he was not a happy dog. A one-hour trip with him resulted with 5 minutes of yapping and whining non-stop. They had to head back home. I just hope we stay there longer than that!

    #leo carrillo #california #malibu #beach #summer
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